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The distance to our nearest neighboring Star, is 4.4 light years. If there are 9.460x10^12 km in 1 light year, how far is this in miles?
So this is how I solved:
9.460x10^12 km x 1mi/1.61km x5.878x10^12 miles/1 light year x4.4 light years
My answer is 1.51x10^26 which i know is incorrect. How do i solve this?/

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    I don't know what the 5.878E12 miles/light year is or why you need it.
    4.4 light yrs x 9.460E12 km/1 light yr x 1 mi/1.61 km = ?? miles.
    You can check this out by gong to google and typing in "4.4 light years to miles" without the quotation marks and hit the enter button. Approximately 2.6E13 miles.

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