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Most organic acids can be represented as RCOOH, where COOH is the carboxyl group and R is the rest of the molecule. (For example, R is CH3 in acetic acid, CH3COOH). (a) Draw a Lewis structure for the carboxyl group. (b) Upon ionization, the carboxyl group is converted to the carboxylate group, COO-. Draw resonance structures for the caboxylate group.

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    It is most difficult, if not impossible, to draw Lewis dot structures on the boards; however, here is a site that will show you how it is done.

    Replace the single bonds with a pair of electrons and the double bonds with two pairs of electrons. You will need to add electrons to the side/tops/bottoms as appropriate since those are not shown. For example, adding a pair of electrons to the left side of the double bonded O and a pair to the top will give it the eight needed. Adding a pair to the top and a pair to the bottom of the O atom on C-O-H will give it the needed eight electrons.

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