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Linear Programming word problem

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Madison is preparing a wilderness backpacking trip on which she plans to eat a combination of cereals and nuts. The recommended daily requirement is at least 300 calories and 2.4 ounces of protein. Each ounce of cereal supplies 120 calories and 0.04 ounces of protein. Each ounce of nuts provides 60 calories and 0.12 ounces of protein. If the cereal costs 20 cents per ounce and each ounce of nuts costs 30 cents, what combination should she plan to eat in order to keep the cost to a minimum?

There are so many variables that are confusing me. Here is the list I have so far:
cost': 30 cents, 20 cents

I need to make two inequalities and then isolate the variables. From there I know how to graph. Its setting up the inequalities that is giving me trouble. Any help is very much appreciated.

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