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For the reaction NO2(g) + NO(g) = N2O3(g)

If at particular temperature, K was 575 and equilibrium concentration of N2O3(g) was 2.5 M, calculate the equilibrium concentrations of NO2(g) and NO(g) if they both had the same initial concentrations.

i have my table layed out like...

NO2 + NO = N2O3
Inital concentration 2.0 2.0 0
Change concentration 2.5
Equilibrium concent. 2.5

I am stuck on how to finish the table.
Please help me!

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    NO2 + NO = N2O3
    Inital concentration 2.0, 2.0, 0
    Change concentration , ,2.5
    Equilibrium concent. , ,2.5

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    Sarah, the problem doesn't say the initial concns of NO and NO2 were 2.0M. Did you just choose those numbers from the sky? I would do it this way.
    .............NO2 + NO ==> N2O3

    575 = (N2O3)/(NO)(NO2)
    675 = (2.5)/(x-2.5)(x-2.5) and solve for x. The EASY way to do that is to take the square root of both sides. I get approximately 0.066M

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    Thank you Doctor Bob this helped a lot i got the answer so i must have done something right :)

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