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word problem(algebra)

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mary has y m of cloth.she used 2 m to sew a skirt.she used the remaining cloth to make 5 jackets.
(a) find the amount of material that was used to make each jacket in terms of y.
(b) if she has 17 m of much material was used for each jacket?

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    a. Bal. = ym - 2m.

    Amt per jacket=(ym-2m)/5 = m(y-2) / 5.

    b. Amt per jacket = (17m-2m) / 5 = 15m / 5 = 3m.

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    Cloth Mary has = ym
    used (skirt) = 2m
    Used for jacket = 5

    A.) ym-2m/5 or the substitute m(y-2)/5

    B.)Substitute 17 to ym
    (because that's the cloth Mary has)
    = (17)-2m/5
    = 15m/5
    = 3m

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