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SAT algebra

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(x-8)(x-k) = x^2-5kx+m

In the equation above, k and m are constants. If the equation is true for all values of x, what is the value of m?

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    (x-8)(x-k) = x^2-5kx+m
    x^2 - kx - 8x + 8k = x^2 - 5kx + m
    x^2 - x(k + 8) + 8k = x^2 - 5kx + m

    for the equation to be true
    -x(k+8) = -5kx and 8k = m
    k+8 = -5k and m = 8k
    6k =-8
    k = -4/3

    then m = 8(-4/3) = -32/3

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    -x(k+8)=-5kx then why not k+8=5k => k=2 and m=16. why it is k+8=-5k. thought answere was 16. I did not have ansewer choice of -32/3 in the book.

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    yeah, don't pay attention to original answerer... they are totally wrong.

    i'm looking for help too :|

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    Reiny was right until 4th line up from the bottom. when you divide -x out, the equation should read k+8=+5k, not negative. thus, k would become 2, not -4/3 which leads us to m= 16

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    x^2 -x(k+8)+8k=x^2-5kx+m

    let x(k+8) equivalent to 5kx & let 8k equivalent to m...

    x crosses out so

    if 8k=m then 8(2)=m

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