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(1)I am thinking of a 5-digit odd number.
(2)The sum of all its digits is 20.
(3) The digits in the hundreds place and in the tens place are consecutive numbers.

When you multiply the digits in the tens and hundreds places, you get the digits for the thousands and ten-thounsands places.What is Rusty's number?

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    The number is abcde
    a+b+c+d+e = 20
    d = c+1

    c*d = ba

    One such number is 24671

    Rusty's number is probably 60239

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    But it said 5-digit odd numbers

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    Since the ones column digits are both odd, 24,671 and 60,239 are both odd numbers.

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    A Freight train passed through a town. Behind the engine was the coal car. The cattle car was between the milk car and the lumber car. The open boxcar was in front of the flat car but directly behind the milk car. Of course, a caboose was at the end. In what order were the cars?

    The answer is:

    The engine, coal car, lumber car, cattle car, milk car, open boxcar, flat car, and the caboose. It's actually really simple..

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