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Posted by philip on Friday, September 23, 2011 at 12:17pm.

A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformaly at the rate of 0.98m/s in 1hr.what is its final velocity?
A car starts from rest and reaches a velocity of 40m/s in 1minutes..(a)what is its acceleration?(b) If its acceleration remains constant,what will its velocity be in 15 minutes?
The brakes of a certain car can produce an acceleration of 6m/s2.(a)how long does it take the car to come to a stop from a velocity of 30m/s?(b) how far does the car travel during the time the brakes are applied?
A train is uniformly decelerated at 2.5 m/s2 during a 2s far does it travel before coming to a full stop?
A cyclist travelling uniformly at 30m/s sees a post 300m away and suddenly applies his brakes.If the bike stops in 4.8s,determine whether the cyclist hits the post.
A boy increases speed from 1.2m/s to 2.4m/s in 6s,how far does the boy travel?

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