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resources for educating young children and diverse

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which of the following measures is not recommended when teaching children with limited vision?
(a)keep doors either fully open or completely shut
(b)limit the number of visual cues you use with the student in favor of auditory cues
(c)outline the edges of a paper with black marker to clearly indicate its boundaries
(d)eliminate materials with higfh colour contrast since the contrast is very fatiguing

d is my answer

when children look to significant adults to decide how to cope with stressful situations its called
(a)problem-focused coping
(c)emotion-focused coping
(d)planful problem-solving

my answer is b

lynda is in an enrichment program.while presenting a lesson on the evolution of whales,you ask lynda to write a report speculating what whales would be like today if they hadnt returned to being marine creatures.this aspect of the program is termed ?

d is my answer

the smallest units of a language that distinguish meaning are called

my answer is c

please help

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