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Very confused!
Converting between grams of a compound and grams of a constituent element

Determine the mass of oxygen in a 5.8 g of NaHCO3
5.8 g NaCHO3 * 1 mol NaCHO3/ 84.01 NaCHO3 * 48.00 mol O / 1 mol NaCHO3 * 16.00 g O/ 1 mol = I got 53 but the answer is 3.3 g O
Help what am I doing wrong

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    I will do it in steps and you can put it all together if you wish.
    5.8 g/84.01 = moles NaHCO3.
    There are 3 atoms O per 1 mole NaHCO3; therefore, moles NaHCO3 x 3 = moles O atoms.
    Then moles O atoms x 16 g/mol = g O atoms. 3.3g is correct.

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    Ok what I did wrong was say 48 O atoms instead of just 3. Thank you very much

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