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critical thinking

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Please check my work. I have no one here to help thank you.

9. Explain what techniques you would use to present your ideas on this topic and persuade others effectively.
If I were to represent any ideas in the argument, I would consider using persuasiveness consistently. I would use terms that put a mental picture into the minds of my audience, so that they will truly understand the big picture. I would also consider my word choices to be effective by using frame words. Presenting ideas in to the advantage is relevant, this will consist of proper tone used. I would provide facts that include supporting evidence to my argument so that the audience may find my research legit. Also I would use basic logic, and figures to show that my point is correct within the topic.

Identify three approaches you will use to apply these techniques to effective writing and speaking skills. The first approach I would use is starting with my audience whether speaking or writing. I would first begin by implementing a plan, as I conduct my research. Using terms and images to persuade them, and preparing my self for any objectives that may follow. When using figures I would consider using illustrations, anecdotes, and statistics, as well as any research that has been proven with evidence. The second approach I would revise or proof, preparing my argument for my readers or audience. I would revise the words I used to make sure they are appropriate for my audience as well as persuasive. The third approach I would use is providing all of my references to support the facts in my argument.

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    The content of what you've written in both paragraphs is good.

    Be sure to go through and correct all run-ons.

    Also be sure to check every word to be certain there are no slang words in there.

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    Thank you very much

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    You're welcome.

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