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Posted by Rick on Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 5:29pm.

Given the following LP model (represented abstractly with decision variables X and Y), find the optimal solution using the ‘graphing’ approach.

Minimize 5X + 2Y

Subject to: 4X + 2Y >= 80
3X + 4Y <= 132
X + 3Y >= 45
2X - Y >= 0
And non-negativity, of course.

Your solution MUST show the following:

1) Graph
a. Plotting all 4 constraints
b. Shading in the feasible region of the entire LP model
c. Identification of the relevant extreme points
2) Relevant Extreme Points
a. Calculate the (X,Y) values of each relevant Extreme Point
b. Show the algebraic calculations of how the (X,Y) values of the Extreme Points were calculated (eyeballing a picture is not sufficient).
3) Optimal Solution
a. Evaluate each Extreme Point by the objective function
b. Identify which extreme point is the ‘best’.

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