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1.0000 g of hydrate of stannic chloride with unknown formula is heated to 100C (celsius) for 30 minutes. The remaining anhydrous salt weighted 0.7836g. What is the formula of this hydrate?


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    Stannic chloride is SnCl4 and the hydrate is SnCl4.xH2O
    SnCl4.xH2O ==> SnCl4 + xH2O

    mols = grams/molar mass
    Convert g to moles.
    moles SnCl4 = 0.7836/molar mass
    moles H2O = 0.2164/molar mass.

    Then find the ratio of the two elements to each other with SnCl4 being 1.00. The easy to do that is to divide moles SnCl4 from above by itself (thereby assuring you get 1.00 for that value) then divide the moles H2O by the same number. Round the final value to a whole number and that will give you x. Post your work if you get stuck.

  • chemestry - ,

    it shouldnt be the ratio of

    SnCl4/ H2o....

    and the ratio of

    H2o/ H20 =1


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    C'mon. My directions aren't that bad.
    moles SnCl4 = 0.7836/260.5 = 0.003008
    moles H2O = 0.2164/18.015 = 0.01201

    0.003008/0.003008 = 1.000
    0.01201/0.003008 = 3.992 which rounds to 4.0 and the formula is
    Note: I consider this a freebie for you in which I have worked the entire problem for you. Your response to my instructions makes no sense at all and COULD be construed as being done on purpose to get an entire problem worked for you from scratch. Sorry if that sounds harsh and especially sorry if that isn't true; however, I will not be so accommodating in the future.

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