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A scientist wants to determine the best conditions for hatching brine shrimp eggs. In a
laboratory, brine shrimp hatch at room temperature in glass containers of salt water.
The concentration of salt in the water is known to affect how many brine shrimp eggs will hatch

Design an experiment to determine which of three saltwater concentrations (2%, 4%, or
6%) is best for hatching brine shrimp eggs. In your experimental design, be sure to:
• state how many containers to use in the experiment, and describe what would be
added to each container in addition to the eggs [1]
• state two factors that must be kept constant in all the containers [1]
• state what data must be collected during this experiment [1]
• state one way to organize the data so that they will be easy to analyze [1]
• describe a result that would indicate the best salt solution for hatching brine shrimp
eggs [1

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