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the melt in your mouth chocolate factory sells three times as many mints as it sells almond sells half as many almond bars as it sells caramels.if it sells 3,750 cases of mints each month,how many caramels does it sell in one month

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    If you have not done algebra, you can use the method of false position (like the ancient Egyptians did)

    If they sold 1 almond bar, then they sold 3*1=3 mints, and 2*1=2 caramels for a total of 1+3+2=6 bars.

    If they sold a total of 3750 bars, then almonds = 3750/6=625
    Mint = 3*625=1875
    Caramel =2*625=1250

    Using algebra:
    A=almond bars

    Solve for A:

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    Use the method of divding and multiplaction.

    take 3,750 and divide that by 3

    then take your answer from that and multiply that by 2 and you will get your answer!!

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    The melt in your mouth chocolate factory is a rectangular building. The distance across the front of the store is 294 feet. The distance from the front to back is one-third of this distance. If the owners paint a sign all the way around the outside of the factory, how many feet long will the sign be?

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    john's high score on the asteroid game was 326,700. mike's high score was 418,200. rebecca just plated the game and her high score was halfway between john's and mike's. what was rebecca's score?

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