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Posted by Henry2 on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 3:23pm.

Can you help me check these sentences, please? I included the words I'm unsure of before the question marks. Thank you.

1)I find it (reading books) rather boring and sometimes a little too far away from the real world. I like reading science and history books instead.
2) I go to the gym three times a week because I do calisthenics. (is the word correct?) in a dance (?) group called ...... Four times a year we have a competition against other sports societies (??? Sports clubs)
3)Iíve got a twin sister and she attends this high school, too. My father works for Ferrero (a confectionary industry).
4)I like sports; my favourite one is football. Iím a bit shy but I like staying with my friends.
5) Iím also generous, quite kind, well-bred and silent. I like helping my mum at home: for example I tidy my room and I dry the dishes.I like Italian food but I hate beans, onion and Indian food.
6) I donít like singing or waking up early. I donít like playing video games.
I donít like history and fake (?) people.

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