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Spanish-another question please

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1.If I had a picture of a family having fun in the snow-I'm not sure how to say that--
a.La familia divertirse en la nieve
b.La familia se divertir en la nieve
c.La familia diviertese en la nieve
d.La familia se divierte en la nieve I think it is (a)
2. If a muchacho is looking in a mirror and combing his hair which one would be correct
a.El muchacho se lava el pelo
b.El muchacho se mira y se peina
c.El muchacho se cepilla
d.El muchacho se peina los dientes.
I elimnated a and d. I think it is (b) but I'm not sure because it doesn't say he is looking in the mirror-just that he is looking and combing his hair. It has to be either (b) or (c) I think-
These pictures are confusing me along with reflexives I should have waited for high school to do this I think-

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    1. Essential in Spanish is that a verb must be conjugated to match the subject. The family is having fun/does have fun in the snow. The answer is d, because it's the only conjugated (with person-number ending) verb there.

    2. It is positively b. looks at himself and is combing his hair. The reflexive verb (SE mira) says he is looking at HIMSELF. If he were merely looking you would NOT see the reflexive SE.

    Feel free to ask about anything you do not totally understand!


  • Spanish-another question please - ,

    Thank you for all your help

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