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4th grade Math Help

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Samuel has 1,482 baseball cards in his collecion. Maria gave Samuel 126 cards. How many cards does he have now? Explain what computation method you used and why.

Please Help!


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    1,482 - 126 = ?

    Why do you think you should subtract?

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    actually it is addition
    it said that maria gave him 126 more cards. then it asked how many he has now

    so 1,482+126= ?

    Right? Actually i am pretty sure this is what it is.

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    Ooops. I was wrong, Saranghae12 is right.

    Sorry about that -- and thanks, Sarangahe.

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    You're welcome Ms. Sue. :-)

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    hi, what is the least possible number, when rounded will become 1,000,000? would it be 999,999?

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