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Posted by Henry2 on Monday, September 19, 2011 at 3:34pm.

You told me they were inappropriate because there could be many combinations and not just one (for example: grow up, get up together, hold/host and have a party)
Is it better to say "go on the internet" or "surf the internet"?

I still have an exercise to check.

Read Paul's answers. Complete the questions. (I included the answers in brackets).

A: Hello, what's your name?
G: It's Gino.
A: Where......... come from? (Where do you come from?)
P: I'm from Naples.
A: ......... now? (Where do you live now?)
P: I live in Memphis now.
A: ........... to Memphis? (When did you move to Memphis? Is "come" possible?)
P: A year ago.
A: ........ do? (What do you do?)
P: I'm a student. I'm studying music.
A: ........... married? (Are you married?)
P: No, I'm not, but I've got a girlfriend.

Thank you.

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