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Posted by MaccyDs on Monday, September 19, 2011 at 2:17pm.

Holidays are important to everyone. They boost your spirits.

a. Correct

b. Shift in person

I would say it is correct, but then again isn't Everyone a singular prnoun?

After the teacher collected our essays, she told the students that she would return
the graded papers on Wednesday.

a. Correct

b. Shift in person

B. I would say Shift in person since the the narrator is talking about US

3. (Points: 2)
Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday because it is the day when you honor your

a. Correct

b. Shift in person

B shift in person, it went from I to You?

4. Since you can live cheaper off campus, I am looking for my own apartment.

a. Correct

b. Shift in person

B. Shift in person because it went from You to I

5. (Points: 2)
I often go to the library to study so I can get away from the noise at home.

a. Correct

b. Shift in person

This is correct.Right?

6. (Points: 2)
Jerry and (she, her) wouldn't believe any of my stories.

a. she

b. her

It is defo Her. right?
7. (
(We, Us) Persian Gulf veterans are proud of our service.

a. We

b. Us

This is kind of hard, would it be US?

8. (Points: 2)
The angry bull chased (we, us) hikers across the meadow.

a. we

b. us

Definately b.US

9. (Points: 2)
Tell the delivery boy to give the package to Jack or (I, me).

a. I

b. me


10. (Points: 2)
Dan received a higher grade on his first essay than (I, me).

a. I

b. me

A. I, it is definately I . Correct?

Could you please reassure me with my answers

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