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Posted by Henry2 on Monday, September 19, 2011 at 1:26pm.

Can you help me determine if I chose the correct/incorrect sentences appropriately. It’s really urgent.

1)Jenny, 13, says “My favourite subject is English. We all have to learn English in my country because it is very difficult to find a job if you don’t know it. Jenny thinks that learning English is important: correct.
2)Lorenzo says: “” I’m not very fond of French and English. I think learning foreign languages takes a lot of time and you have to revise too often. If you don’t, it’s very easy to forget what you have learnt.
3) Maths is okay –sometimes- I really like PE and my new geography teacher is great –she tells some good jokes –so our lessons are fun this year. I wish all my teachers were like her”.
4) Lorenzo thinks that learning English is difficult: incorrect (he says it takes a lot of time.)Lorenzo prefers geography lessons to English lessons (he doesn’t say that so it’s incorrect)
5)Victor, 14 says, “ Last year I thought school was boring. I looked at my timetable each day and thought, “Oh, No! I did badly in my English exam and my report at the end of the year wasn’t very good, so my mum was angry.
6) Anyway, this year I’ve decided to try harder. My best friend, Nick, who I sit next to in English lessons, says he’ll help me with any difficult exercises and that we’re going to do lots of revision together”.
Victor wants to do well in English this year : correct

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