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Native American Literature

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Why did the Native Americans use the types of writing and genres that they did?
Genres: Native American literature's, stand apart as a separate tradition that is itself strong and varied. This culture had rich, established literature. Legends, folktales, and other forms of literature were preserved in oral form. stories that survive are creation myths, descriptions of the beginnings of the universe, the world and the origin of mankind. The creation myths of Native American cultures share with the Genesis accounts a concern with relationships among the divine, the human, and the world of animals and plants; the reasons behind those relationships; and the saga of the universe before the arrival of humanity.

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    Do. Not. Plagiarize.

    If you are not clear on what plagiarism is and how NOT to plagiarize from a source, read through this entire webpage from Capital Community College in Connecticut:
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  • Native American Literature -

    Sorry. I was not intending on plagiarizing. I just want to understand why Native Americans use these genres in Native American Literature

  • Native American Literature -

    What other genres could they use to retell what generations had passed down?


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