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Homework Help: English 101

Posted by Hans on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 5:35pm.

I'm not very good with English and i'm having some trouble with citations.

There's a few questions I'm confused about.

Read each of the following statements from the excerpt below and determine if the statement is “OK” in MLA format or “Unacceptable” in MLA format. Then, choose the correct answer.

. . . . When discussing self-esteem, it is important to distinguish clearly between wants and needs. A need is anything that has biological significance for survival, and a want is anything that is simply desired. One must have his or her needs met in order to survive. It is important to note that many things one thinks are needs are, in reality, wants, and a want can easily become a need if the brain perceives it as a need. Furthermore, if a want becomes a need, and it is not met, then one’s survival may be at stake. This principle can be illustrated in the following story. A businessman in southern California had twelve million dollars. He invested two million in a land deal and lost it. He felt worthless and committed suicide. His want (money) become a need, and life, to him, was not worth living. His worth was dependent on his pocketbook.

From page 30 of Designing a Program for Self-Esteem by Gary Harris. (San Francisco: Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary Press, 1985).


1. Harris defines a need as “anything that has biological significance for survival” (30).

OK or Unacceptable?

I think it's ok.

2. Needs are the things that have biological significance for survival.

OK or Unacceptable?

I think it's ok.

3. Harris points out that wants can easily become needs, and in turn, those needs have an effect on a person’s survival (30).

OK or Unacceptable?

I think it's ok.

4. Here is an example of a want becoming a need: There was a businessman in southern California who had twelve million dollars. He invested part of his money in a land deal and lost it. As a result, he felt worthless and committed suicide. His worth was depended on what he had in the bank.

Ok or Unacceptable?

Im not sure.

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