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Please check answer and help with one of them:

1. check please
car in an accident speed of car is the s, d is length of skid=30 feet
f is coefficient=0.5
use formula to find
s=sqaure root of 30*f*d
My answer is 21.21 because I took square root of 30(0.5)(30)
2. this one is baffling to me-how do I do this one-3 times square root of (x+1) is less than or equal to 7 Please help-Thank you

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    I posted earlier but no one answered so I was hoping if I reposted someone could help

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    3√(x+1) ≤ 7
    9(x+1) ≤ 49
    9x+9 ≤49
    9x ≤ 40
    x ≤ 40/9
    of course in √(x+1) , x >-1 or else the √ is undefined.

    so -1 ≤ x ≤ 40/9

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    Thank you for showing me the second one-just one question-is #1 correct the way I did it?
    Thank you

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    correct if you formula was
    s = √(30fd)

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    The 30fd was under the square root sign-thank you

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