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Organic Chemistry

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An impure sample contains 0.95g of benzoic acid and 0.05 of salicylic acid. Solubilities in water of the two compounds are given in the following table.
Solubility at 20 degrees (g/10mL)
benzoic acid: 0.029
salicylic acid: 0.22

Solubility at 100 degrees (g/10mL)
benzoic acid: 0.680
salicylic acid: 6.67

what is the minimum volume of boiling water needed to dissolve the 1.0g sample?

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    The least soluble in benzoic acid and you have 0.95 g of it. Solubility is 0.680g benzoic acid/10 mL 100 degree water. We have 0.95 g sample.
    10 mL x (0.95g/0.68g) = ? mL needed.

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    23 ml

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