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Hello, I have been trying a few ways to do this problem and am not having success.

The sum of four consecutive odd integers is -212. Write an expression for the second, third and fourth odd integers. Use these expressions to write, and solve an equation to find the four integers.

So, I tried first:

n + n+2 + n+4 + n+6 = 212
my answer -56, which is even so no good.

then i tried
2n+1 + 2n+3 + 2n+5 + 2n+7 = -212
my answer came out to -28.5
which is a decimal, so no good.

Can you please help?

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    The data is flawed.
    4 consecutive ODD numbers can not add up to -212.
    They must be consecutive EVEN integers.

    Your answer of -56 is correct.

    -56-54-52-50 = -212

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    Thanks! That's what I thought

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