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I have two questions I need help with please. Thank you!

1)Mitochondria, the energy-processing organelles in eukaryotic cells, have their own DNA, separate from that of the cell’s nucleus. Which of the following choices best explains the presence of mitochondria in eukaryotic cells?
A) An ancestral prokaryote engulfed and retained a separate energy-processing prokaryotic cell.
B) Mitochondria are formed when a eukaryotic cell undergoes fission.
C) Mitochondria are separate organisms that fuse with eukaryotic cells in much the same fashion as algae and fungi form lichens.
D) A prokaryote and a eukaryote fuse to form mitochondria.

2)What best explains why bacteria can reproduce so much more rapidly than an organism like a mushroom?
A) Mushrooms reproduce using spores that require a lengthy exposure to the environment before the outer coating can break open.
B) Bacteria live in extreme environments and can avoid having to wait for more favorable conditions to reproduce, like mushrooms and other plants.
C) Since most bacteria cause disease they are avoided by consumers, while organisms like mushrooms are quickly eaten, preventing rapid population growth.
D) Mushrooms reproduce sexually, so the proper mating types must contact one another before reproduction can proceed.

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