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I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much!

1) Mary I (Tudor 1553-1558) was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She succeeded his half-brother Edward VI, the son of Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymore. 2) She was one of the loneliest and unhappiest queens in English history. 3) She considered it her mission to bring Catholicism back to England. She reintroduced the Catholic religion, restored the Latin Mass and the old ceremonies. In her zeal she burned alive 300 Protestants, which earned her the name of Bloody Mary.
4) She fostered the hatred of the English for the Pope and the Church of Rome.Going against the opinion of Parliament, she married Philip II of Spain, on the understanding that Philip would not drag England into a war with France.
5) Breaking the Queen’s former promises a war with France led to defeat and the loss of Calais, the last English dominion in France. Mary died in 1558, leaving behind her the hatred of a country humiliated, ill-governed, without religious unity and deeply dependant on Spain.

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    "I left out the following sentences." <~~You know, of course, that we don't believe that, don't you?

    1. "his half-brother" = ??

    2. OK

    3. OK

    4. space after period

    5. comma needed
    not a parallel series
    "humiliated, ill-governed, without religious unity and deeply dependant on Spain"
    You have a past participle, a past participle, a prepositional phrase, and participial phrase.

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