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72% working women use computers choose 5 at random
whats the probility at least 1 does not use a computer

whats the probility that all 5 use a computer

  • statistics -

    a) the probability that at least 1 doesnt use a computer at work

    Because the question asks for at least 1 that doesn't we have to do the opposite complement.
    Probablity of not using computer(NUC)=1 - Probability of using computer P(NUC)= 1-P(UC)
    P(UC)= 0.72
    P(using computer 5 times)=(0.72)(0.72)(0.72)(0.72)(0.72) or (0.72)^5=0.19349
    P(NUC)= 1-(0.72)^5= 0.807

    b) The probability that all 5 use a computer in their jobs

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