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Posted by james to henry on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 12:11am.

How did gandhi's salt march illustrate his philosophy of civil disobedience?
1. the march began civilly with speeches by gandhi and other leaders, who pledged to fast from eating products made with slt for 90 days
2. the march was against the civil laws enforced by the britih government in the salt colony of india, a holy land for gandhi and his followers.
3. angered by the indian governments monopoly on salt, gandhi's followers set fire to the country's salt mines
4. the march, which began as a nonviolent protest, soon became a brutally violent rally in which thousands were arrested.
I choose 3.

What foreign force caused the new republic of china to fall into chaos after 1912?
1. the silk road was captured by russian forces.
2. foreign powers increased their influence over chinese affairs.
3. the us withdrew chin's favored nation status
4. yuan shikai stepped down as president
I choose 2.

Any kind of help would be nice. Thank you :)

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