February 1, 2015

Homework Help: Politics?

Posted by michelle on Friday, September 16, 2011 at 8:38pm.

I have to write an affirmative congress speech on this bill, but I'm not really sure about what the bill means..?
Can anyone help me figure out what it's talking about/what I'm trying to affirm?

"A resolution to promote justice and human rights in syria."

"1. whereas, United State Government has established a policy supporting the struggle for human rights and democracy."

"2. Whereas, the syrian government has brutally cracked down on pro-democracy demonstrators, and"
5:32 PM
"3. whereas, U.N.'s top human rights body voted 33-4 to demand that Syria end its bloody crackdown and cooperate with "

"4. an international probe into possible crimes against humanity.; and"

"5. whereas economic sanctions have proven ineffective in changing government policy; and
5:33 PM
"6.whereas, Bashar al-Assad turned down the US president barack obama's calls to step down from power

"7.Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED by the congress here assembled that the USA seek a UN resolution to

"8. to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attack in the country"

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