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educating young children PART1

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a portfolio should?
(a)consist of items that don't directly relate to the school curriculum\(b)be put together only during the last week of school in order to highlight the students best work
(c)allow the educator to determine growth in the students ability over the school term (my answer)
(d)serve as a measuring device for long-term goals only

i"m saying the answer is c but d looks good too .what do you think please help

which of the following does not qualify as an objective?
(a)students will practice finding the common denominators amongst five different fractions
(b)the children will develop the ability to do ten push ups
(c)students will learn to distinguish between a noun and a verd
(d)the children will enhance their mathematical skills

i'm saying the answer is b

which of the following is an accurate statement reguarding the ''transition to school'?
(a)educators tend to focus on long term goals,whereas parents are more interested in short term goals
(b)one of the educators prime concerns is how well the child fits into the group
(c)parents usually leave matters of discipline up to the educators
(d()educators and parents rarely agree on the behavior expected from the child
my answer is a

please help

  • educating young children PART1 - ,

    1. I agree with you on "c".

    2. If this is relating to the differences between GOALS and OBJECTIVES, remember these things: GOALS are broad and general; OBJECTIVES are specifics. Re-read the question and re-think this.

    3. regarding <<spelling
    What is written in your textbook/course materials about this? Only "d" is completely incorrect, in my opinion.

  • educating young children PART1 - ,

    would you say d for number 2
    would you say d for 3

  • educating young children PART1 - ,

    Yes, 2 is d.

    For 3, d is NOT the correct choice. You'll need to read up on a, b, and c.

  • educating young children PART1 - ,

    ok is 3 c

  • educating young children PART1 - ,

    please help with question 3

  • educating young children PART1 - ,

    Check your text. We still have some parents who tell their children that if they get into trouble at school, they'll get even more punishment at home. You've already guessed two answers and have been wrong.

    Try again.

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