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AP Chemistry

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Calculate the volume of a 36% solution of hydrochloric acid (density = 1.50g/mL, molar mass = 36 g/mol) required to prepare 9 liters of a 5 molar solution.

A. 1 liter
B. 2 liters
C. 3 liters
D. 4 liters
E. 5 liters

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    To prepare 9 litres of 5 molar we need

    45 moles of HCl

    which is 36x45 g = 1620 g of HCl

    if the stock solution is 36w/w% then we need

    1620 g/0.36 of the stock = 4500 g of the stock.

    to find the volume needed
    volume = mass/density

    volume = 4500 g/1.50 g/ml
    =3000 ml

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