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Which of these phrases best decribes rhythm?

A.repeated sounds across lines of poetry

B. a poem's cadence, pace, or ongoing momentum

C.a collection of lines in a poem

D.the regular or irregular rhyme scheme in a poem

The book section we read today disn't define the word well, so know I'm unsure if its A or B. B makes more sense in general but the text says that rhythm "(of a poem) is a distinct beat produced by the pattern of accented and unaccented syllables" Could i get some help with this? Preferably from more than one person, to get a general consensus. Thanks

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    I would say B

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    B is very correct.

    listen to the beat here:
    There go, my hearts content.

    Do you hear the beat, the cadence of the syllables?

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    This definition will help you make your decision.

    Also see the first word defined here:

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    The answers was B. Thanks for the help everyone :)

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