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I forgot to include the following sentences, which I need to prepare for tomorrow. Thank you very much.

1) At the time when Macbeth was written there was a very public debate about witches in England. Reginald Scot, in his “Discovery of Witchcraft” argued that witches did not really exist.
2) King James took a personal interest in the subject of witchcraft and wrote a book of the subject, Demonology, as a response to Scot’s book.
3) The king also tried to have all copies of Scot’s book burnt. He believed that witches existed and secretly attended the trials of women accused of being witches.
4) He also believed that witches had tried to destroy him and his young bride, Princess Ann of Denmark.
5)Actually, her arrival to Scotland was blocked by storms and James’s return to England was again threatened by storms. 6) A midwife named Agnes Sampson was accused of being a witch and having tried to destroy the king. At first she rejected all the charges against her, but then after being tortured she confessed.
7) During the reign of Elizabeth I and James I, the laws regarding witchcraft changed in England.
Witchcraft was now an ordinary crime and witches were no longer tried by Church courts.

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    You're losing self-confidence again! Proof these and post only the 4 or 5 that you have true questions about.

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