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English Correction

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My answers:
1. Dispatch
2. Discern
3. Enigma
4. Orient
5. Enhance
6. Attribute
7. Nocturnal
8. Exemplify
9. Mobile
10. Attease

Animals Possess sensory powers that humans lack. Homing pigeons fly with great speed and accuracy when 1)___(e)d with messages to faraway places. How do Pigeons 2)___ themselves in unfamiliar regions? This remains something of a(n) 3)___. The mystery, however, is partly explained by a pigeon's ability to see ultraviolet light, Which reveals the sun's position even through clouds. In addition, pigeons can hear sound waves that have traveled hundreds of miles. These waves 4)___ a pigeon's sense of direction by indicting distant mountains and seas. Pigeons even appear to 5)___ changes in the earth's magnetic field. Bats have impressive 6)___s equally worthy of acclaim. As in tones higher than any human can hear and then locating prey by the returning echoes. Scorpions also 8)____ the night hunter. Tiny leg hairs enable them to feel vibrations in the sand made by a 9)___ insect as far as two feet away. People with knowledge of the pigeon, bat, and scorpion can 10)___ to the fact that such "inventions" as a magnetic compass, radar, and the motions detector are nothing new.

  • English Correction -

    Please rethink these. #2 and #4 are incorrect, which means there are at least 2 others that are incorrect later on.

    Rethink and repost when ready.

  • English Correction -

    What other ones are incorrect please help me out because im stuck

  • English Correction -

    Make sure you are clear on what part of speech needs to go in each blank. When you look words up, you should also find its part of speech.

    These are incorrect:


    And what is #10??

  • English Correction -

    sorry number 10 is suppose to be attest. Is that one also incorrect?

  • English Correction -


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