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Calculate each of these equilibrium concentrations based on the reaction below.

2 NO(g) + O2(g) 2 NO2(g) K = 1.71 1012
(a) [NO] = 0.0048 M; [O2] = 0.000057 M; [NO2] = ?

(b) [NO] = 0.0026 M; [O2] = 0.000023 M; [NO2] = ?

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    K= [NO2]^2/([NO2]^2 * [O2])

    conc NO2= sqrt(K*NO^2 * O2)
    = sqrt(1.71E12*.0048^2*.000057)
    = sqrt( 2250) moles/liter

    check my work, it is easy to make a math error typo on a keyboard.

    This is based on the very high forward reaction K you gave. I don't remember this reaction being anywhere close to this K value, if I guessed, I would guess 1E5 for K or thereabouts at room temp.

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    I just checked it, so based on that formula, the other solution should come out to be something like....

    =265 moles?

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