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Homework Help: Pronoun agreement

Posted by HM on Monday, September 12, 2011 at 5:14pm.

Are my answers correct?

1. (Points: 2)
Neither of the actors has learned (his, their) lines.

a. his

2. (Points: 2)
Her briefcase and umbrella were missing from (its, their) usual place in the hall.

b. their

3. (Points: 2)
Company rules require every memo and letter to receive (its, their)
correct authorization number.

a. its

4. (Points: 2)
Every student has been assigned (his or her, their) own log-in name and password.

a. his or her

5. (Points: 2)
Everyone drove (his, their) own car to the scout meeting.

b. their

6. (Points: 2)
The lecture was boring, but they took notes anyway.

b. Faulty

7. (Points: 2)
Elizabeth told Margaret that she liked her new hair style.

a. Correct

8. (Points: 2)
If the police strike continues, they will cancel the Mardi Gras parade.

b. Faulty

9. (Points: 2)
When I got close to the bird's nest, it flew out of the tree straight at me.

b. Faulty

10. (Points: 2)
I was surprised when the news program told about a new crisis in the Persian

b. Faulty

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