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A basketball player runs down the court, following the path indicated by the vectors A, B, and C in the figure. The magnitudes of these three vectors are: A = 12.0 m, B = 17.0 m, and C = 7.0 m. Let the +x-axis point to the right and the +y-axis point to the far side of the court.

Find the magnitude and direction of the net displacement of the player using the graphical method of vector addition.

Repeat the previous step, but using the component method. Compare your results with those obtained in part (a).
magnitude m
direction ° (counterclockwise from the +x axis)

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    Are you posting you homework for me to do? I see no questions about it, no thinking, nor work.

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    i have been working for 6 hours on these things and cant figure out how to do them

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    without the figure, I can help. a) add the vectors graphically head to tail.

    b) break up each vector into x and y components...then add them combining x's and y's.

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