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Which numbers are perfect squares?
A) 64 b)900 c)120 d)1000 e)100 F) 10 000

How do u know each number is a perfect square?
A) 1225= 35x35
B) 484= 2 x 2 x 11 x 11
C) 2025 = 45(square)

the area of this square is 289 square unit. How so u that it's perfect square?

Show that each number is perfect square.
(a) 16 (b) 144 (c) 1764

Barrett is making a display of 225 square photos of the students in his school. Each photo is the same size. Can he arrange the photos in a square?. Explain.

6 square
11 square
25 square
100 square
9 square
12 square
40 square
1000 square

Marcy started to draw a tree diagram to determine whether 2025 is q square number.
Hoe mady can use wha she has done far to determine that 2025 is a square number?

Guy says: my street adress is square number when you read the digits forward or backwards.
Is guy correct? Explain.

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    We are not going to do your homework here.

  • Math -

    Try these yourself first please
    for example you know sqrt 64 = 8 exactly
    but sqrt 1000 = 31.622 etc

  • Math -

    But I don't know how to do MY homework...I need some explanation...I live with my grand parents and I have no siblings!!!!

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    Determine wheather or not each number is a common factor of 144 amd 240 try to use diffrent methods and show your work

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