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Posted by Henry2 on Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 6:09pm.

Can you tell me if these sentences are possible?

1) We have a 15-minute break at 10.20. After the break we have a double period of Italian./ We have double Italian.
2) You use a duster to wipe a blackboard /an eraser to wipe a whiteboard.
3)What mark did you get /receive in English?
I got an E/a D in English.
4) My poorest/weakest subject is…
My strongest subject is….
You can use a page of FOOLSCAP or a page from your refill pad to write your test.
5) I’m taking notes in my hard back copy/paper back copy.
All tests must be handed up to me by 12 o’clock.
6) When you are absent, you’ll have to find out your homework from the class-representatives.
7) If you keep misbehaving, you’ll get a warning.
8) I enrolled at university in 2002.
(what do you use with school?)

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