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Algebra 2

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Exponential Notation


I tried solving this problem a few times and kept getting random answers. The answer in the book says that it is 25 1/4
I do not understand how you get that answer.

Thanks For Your Help

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    The expression does evaluate to 25 1/4.
    You will need to isolate and evaluate each term carefully and add them up.
    The most tricky one is the first,
    (-2)^0 = 1
    because any non-zero number raised to the power of zero is 1.
    Also, note that any number a raised to a negative exponent (i.e. -m) is equivalent to the reciprocal of the number raised to the exponent m, i.e.
    a^(-m) = 1/(a^m)

    Make a table, calculate each term, write down the answer. Sum the terms after every one has been written down.

    If you don't get the correct answer, redo each term and compare with what you've got, i.e. verify your previous calculations.

    If you still do not get the correct answer, post your table for help.

  • Algebra 2 - ,

    I still do not understand how to solve it, I keep getting random answers every time

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