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Answer each statement with either T if it is true or F if it is false am not sure sure with these so please help

11. Moving machinery can be wiped clean if done properly
12. In an emergency, machines can be operated without guards
13.Dull cutting tools are safe because they cant cut you as easily as sharp tools
18.Cutting tools in machines should only be installed hand tight.
32. When using a drill, the part being drilled should be clamped
35. All violations of saftey rules should be reported to the teacher immediately
36. Work clamped in a vise should never sick out inside into the aisle
39. Oily rags should never be put in trash containers

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    Oh, my! These are basic safety rules.

    If you don't know most of these answers, please DO NOT go into the shop!!!

    Post your answers and I'll be glad to discuss them with you.

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