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When out in space in International Space Station (ISS), Astronauts experience weightlessness. The ISS’s orbit is 354 km (that is 3.54 x 105 m) above the surface of the earth (You can get more educational NASA resources from: The distance separating the center of the earth from the center of the ISS is then approximately equal to 1.06 times the radius of the earth. What would be in N/kg the magnitude of the gravitational field (g) due to the earth at the position of the space station orbit? Assume 10 N/kg for g at the surface of the earth. Please note that since we are using the 10 N/kg, approximation, we cannot use Newton's universal law formula for solving this question. Compare/Relate the answer to the case of the surface of the earth where g is assume to be 10 N/kg.

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