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Two functions g and h are defined as :
g:x--> 2x+3/x-4

h:x --> 1/x

Write expressions for :

a) hg(x)
b) g inverse 1(x)


    I noticed from the "related Questions" below that you have posted this same question several times.
    One of the reasons that you have not received an answer could be that your expression is ambiguous.
    Do you mean (2x+3)/(x-4) or do you mean it to be as you actually typed it.

    Also your expression of hg(x) is not expressed in a standard form
    you often see it as h∘g(x) or h(g(x))
    It looks like you just want the two functions multiplied.
    If you just wanted the multiplication, then
    your hg(x) = (1/x)(2x+3)(x-4)
    and then you would expand and simplify that.

    Lastly I am not sure what you mean by
    g inverse 1(x) , do you want the inverse of g(x)?
    that would be written as g^-1 (x)

    Before I proceed, please clarify your question.

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