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I left out these other sentences. Thank you very much.

1) After the death of Elizabeth I of England, Mary Stuart’s son, James IV of Scotland, became James I of England. In this way the two countries were united for the first time.
2) In 1707 Scotland became part of Great Britain with the Act of Union. Despite the Act of Union the Highland families of Scotland, who were organized in (?) clans, opposed unsuccessfully the English rule.
3) Each clan wore a tartan by which it could be recognized and was governed by a clan chief.
4) The English tried to suppress their traditional way of life. in particular,they opposed the wearing of tartans and the use of Gaelic.
5) At the end of the 1700s the clans realised they could become wealthy by raising sheep for their wool.
As fewer people were needed to work the land, many Scottish farmers emigrated to other countries, especially the USA and Australia.

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    1. OK

    2. commas needed; also I'd reverse the order of two words to write "unsuccessfully opposed"

    3. OK

    4. "their" = ??? "they" = ?? capital I; space after comma

    5. comma needed

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