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Homework Help: Managerial accounting

Posted by kim on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 12:18am.

The marketing department of Jessi Corporation has submitted the following sales forecast for the upcoming fiscal year (all sales are on account):

1st Quarter
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter

Units to be produced

The selling price of the company's product is $18.00 per unit. Management expects to collect 65% of sales in the quarter in which the sales are made, 30% in the following quarter, and 5% of sales are expected to be "'uncollectible. The beginning balance of accounts receivable, all of which is expected to be collected in the first quarter, is $70,200. The company expects to start the first quarter with 1,650 units in finished goods inventory. Management desires an ending finished goods inventory in each quarter equal to 15% of the next quarter's budgeted sales. The desired ending finished goods inventory for the fourth quarter is 1,850 units.

Prepare the company's sales budget and schedule of expected cash collections.
Prepare the company's production budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

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