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Posted by Ramesh Reddy on Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 12:36pm.

Please guide me to solve the below problem:

'A'an do 2/3 of a work in 40 days.'B'can do 1/2 of the work in 75 days.'C'can do 3/4of work in 75 days.If all them together work in how many days will they do 5/6 0f the work.

I had solved the above problem like this:

A can do the work=3/2*40=60 days.
A's one day work =1/60

B can do the work=2/1*75=150 days
B's one day work=1/150

C can do the work=4/3*75=100 days.
C's one day the work=1/100

They together=1/60+1/150+1/100
They complete the 5/6 of the work =1/30*5/6

Therefore ,they complete the 5/6 of the work in 36 days.

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