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Simple math question!

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h(0.5) if h(x) = 6-2x^3

So I set it up as
6 - 2(0.5^3) correct? That way only the (0.5) is being cubed, and THEN multiplied by 2? Or does it mean to cube the entire product? Such as (2 x 0.5)^3?

Ugh simple things like this always get me! I can solve it easily, just need help setting it up! thanks!

  • Simple math question! -

    cube the *.5 (.125) then multipy by 2

  • Simple math question! -

    Thank you! my final answer is 5.75, correct?

  • Simple math question! -

    yep. if the question is 6-(2x)^3 then you need to cube 2x but in your question it's 6-2x^3 without the brackets so u only need to cube x.

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