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Posted by Henry2 on Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 5:20pm.

Could you please check these other senteces?

1) he protagonist of the story is sentenced to death and has hallucinations. The seven tall candles on the tables first seem angels and then ghosts to him.
2) After a while, he loses consciousness but not completely, everything disappears and he starts his descent to hell. When he recovers consciousness, he goes through two stages.
3) The first one is the sense of mental or spiritual life, the second one is that of physical life. He seems to remember tall figures that lifted and took him down.
4) Then, all of a sudden, he has full memory of the judges, the trial, the sentence, the faint. He stands up and moves his arms all around but he can feel nothing.
5) The place is black and empty. Finally, he feels an obstacle, a smooth cold wall. He cannot guess its size because the wall could be circular and make him return to the initial point. So he tears a strip of the rag he is wearing and places it on the wall.
6) He falls, though, because the ground is wet and slippery.
When he wakes up, he continues his investigation and decides to cross the dungeon in a direct like, but he steps on his clothes and falls down. He puts his hand forward and finds out that he has fallen on the brink of a round pit.

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